Uncloud is a small non profit art & music organisation based in Utrecht, the Netherlands. Uncloud organises a yearly event in February that coherentely blends multiple genres in its musical program, with a focus on innovation and interdisciplinary art. The musical program of Uncloud is focused on live-acts and audiovisual performances. All the performances take place in an immersive video installation, specially crafted for the festival. In addition, Uncloud also is a platform for interdisciplinary art and installations, and hosts residencies and exhibitions with the same approach.

We are deeply grateful to all the artists, performers, volunteers, funds, organisations, and everyone that has contributed to this ongoing project in some form of or the other, and to everyone that is commited to creating a sustainable artistic ecosystem where there is room for experimentation, research and interdisciplinarity.

For any inquiries, please feel free to reach us through one of the following contact options:

info [at] uncloud [dot] nl