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Frames is an exhibition of digital art trying to expand its own boundaries. For Uncloud, we've asked six local artists to add an extra dimension to 'analogizing': each artist tries to make the cyber world tangible. The result is this exposition, that challenges to put contemporary video art in a new perspective.

The artists
Jan Willem Campmans,
Tristan Gieler,
Stefano Murgia,
Jakob Poval
Jaco Schilp,
Sem Schreuder.

Jan Willem Campmans
Some time ago, Jan Willem Campmans experienced a peculiarly vivid dream about a painting he made ten years ago. Especially for Uncloud, Jan Willem recreated his dream digitally, to eventually project this digital recreation on the original painting. His aim is to make the previously invisible digital 'dream dimension' visible.

Stefano Murgia
As an artist, Stefano Murgia mainly works with sound and searches for new ways to create his own language with the focus on narratives, metaphor and moral. After having studied to become a sound engineer, he continued his research in the field of sound. During his second study programme, Stefano had the chance to examine sound in both abstract and scientific ways. Nowadays, Murgia also makes his own instruments and speakers, drawing inspiration from the work of Harry Partch. With these instruments and tools he creates performances and experiences, surprising you at the most unexpected time and places.

Sem Schreuder & Tristan Gieler
FractGrid is a study of fractal noise that is able to manipulate a cluster of different grid structures. The organic nature of fractal noise and the straight lines of a grid create a dance between two dimensions. FractGrid is crafted by Sem Schreuder and Tristan Gieler.

Jakob Povel
Jakob Povel, graphic designer, uses the tools thought by his profession to observe the world around him. Data become politics, and the medium becomes culture. Be a part of the frame that constructs your bubbles at Uncloud. Make sure to snap a selfie once you are there.

Jaco Schilp
Jaco Schilp strives to create optical illusions in an autonomic way, using a combination of physical objects and 3D-animation. For Uncloud he made a digital scan of the physical world, creating a whole new dimension in the process.

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