Practical information

Where & When?

Uncloud 2021: Transliminal takes place at the former forenstic psychiatric institute, the Pieter Baan Centrum, in Utrecht. Due to the current COVID situation we had to postpone Uncloud 2021 for the time being. As soon as there is perspective, we will announe the new dates!

Travel advice

Utrecht is best accessible by public transport. Consult the travel planner and see address details below.

Travelling by car is possible. Consult the Utrecht municipality for more information on parking.

Ticket Info

All tickets are available through Stager .
Please respect the chosen timeslot (as mentioned on your ticket) in order to avoid cueing on location.

COVID-related Info

Due to the current situation we are living in, Uncloud takes the form of a pop-up museum for digital and contemporary art this year.
All necessary precautions will be taken in order to hold a safe and responsible exhibition, in line with all the relevant regulations and restrictions.
All tickets are refundable and slots are re-bookable in case Uncloud 2021:Transliminal has to be postponed to a later date.

Former Pieter Baan Centrum

Gansstraat 162-164

3582EP, Utrecht

Dates: To be announced.