Uncloud 2021: Transliminal

Pop-Up Museum / Pieter Baan Centrum, Utrecht, NL / 30 October - 21 November 2021.

Transliminal refers to the temporary estrangement that takes place during the intermediate phase of a transformation, of which the final destination is unknown.

With this theme, Uncloud presents a metaphor for the current state of the world, in which we all experience estrangement from our old realities. This feeling creates a temporary reality forced on us by urgent experiences. More than ever we feel that our future is uncertain.

In this transliminal phase, we find ourselves entangled with a process of transformation where the distinction between the tangible and intangible is undefined; where the threshold between reality and speculation is sometimes perceived as unknown. The overwhelming uncertainty of this phase is created by the in-betweenness of the state we are in. At the same time, this state leads also to renewed experience, thoughts and insights. It leads into the creation of something new: transformation.

Within a transforming world, art can help us understand the processes we are in. By providing authentic and different experiences, art facilitates perspective, proposes possible solutions for modern challenges and composes alternative outcomes for the future.

Transliminal art is intrinsically connected to the context in which it is made and presented. It provides a re-interpretation of not only its direct environment, but also of the world it is surrounded by. Transliminal art finds itself in the now. Based on modern knowledge and equipped with contemporary technology, it encourages a radically different and experimental approach to modern tools and narratives. It often takes the form of an abstract multi-sensory experience, where the visitor forms their own narrative, reflection and interpretation.

Within the context of a former forensic psychiatric observation institute, Uncloud 2021:Transliminal presents the visitor a metaphor for the digitized, isolated and transitional world we currently live in, and brings this back into the tangible physical reality.

Uncloud 2021 will take the form of a Pop-Up Museum for contemporary and media art in the former forensic psychiatric observation institute of the Netherlands, the Pieter Baan Centre. At Uncloud 2021:Transliminal, over 20 local and international artists present their work and push the boundaries between visual art, space and sound. Next to the exhibition, two concerts will take place: one on the opening day, saturday 30 october, in collaboration with Modulation., and the second on sunday 14 november in collaboration with Le Guess Who?.